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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wuthering Heights is a well written dreadful story (beware of spoilers) Book Review

This book was well written, but hard to read because the characters are so awful, just deplorable human beings. However, as I read on I found a few characters to keep me on my quest of giving it's old prose a second chance. These were Nellie Dean of coarse, Catherine Linton, and Hareton Earnshaw. I hated this book in high school, but I must say, it's much better than I remember. The character's moral temperment made me loathe them, and reading about them. Their extreme emotion and passion, like Catherine's last embrace with Heathcliff was pretty cool, but at the same time, Catherine's love couldn't have been that great for Heathcliff if she married another for social status. If I met these people I would go on a diatribe about their moral character, but hey, if this was something new and different from other literature back when Emily Bronte wrote this, and she was trying to do something different with these characters than what was normal, then that is something to be commended. It all came together for me a little while after Linton Heathcliff's death and Young Catherine's livelyhood overtook her grief. I must say, she's a pretty tough cookie, though she can be a brat, she had enough in her to make me care enough to find out what would happen to her. I suppose I hated Heathcliff enough too, to want to see how his life would end and in what manner, though if Nellie, Catherine, and Hareton hadn't brightened the pages a bit, I wouldn't have cared enough to keep turning them till the denouement. All in all I give this dreadful volume a 4 because it was so well written, and though the story was rough because it's characters were so awfully wretched, a few beat through the dim to leave you at peace in stead of disgust as the story ended with a bit of joy; and though I didn't want to admit it to myself, this old Gothic tale became a page turner for me near the end, and I love page turners! May you live in peace young Catherine and Hareton, forgetting all of your families dark history!


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