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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Book Review: The Book of Joby
By Mark Ferrari

So, I just finished a big fat fantasy novel. I know what your thinking, the farm boy found out he's the chosen one, and he leaves all he's known to go on a quest with a new found mentor, who later dies, but he continues on...yeah yeah, I know; but that's not this novel. What if I told you this fantasy novel put out by Tor takes place in modern times? Right in California to be exact; and it all starts with a bet between God and the devil. Ringing a bell? There is also the reincarnate of King Arthur, Lancelot,Guinevere, and even Merlin! Then there are the angels, demons, and they all interact in very fun and interesting ways. This is no novel stuffed with padding of exposition, it's all super fun story! Which is why you'll swear it read more like a novella than a 638 page book. Check out to read a couple sample chapters and even hear the author read the prologue in the Excerpts area if you don't believe me. Trust me, this is one brick of a fantasy novel you'll be glad you picked up.

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