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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Obscurities by Mick Bordet | Book Review

This book was awesome! Very heart felt tales that made me feel really connected to the characters. I also thought all of the stories in this novella were really intriguing, kind of a slice of life that revolves around an interesting musical instrument. I felt the love for family and wanted to visit the family in the story. It was fun discovering so many fun family tales and history with the character. There is also a music album that goes with this novella, how cool is that? I really enjoyed this book, and after you buy it in text you should listen to the audio version on or Podiobooks as well. Superbly narrated and really fun to listen to. I can't wait to read Mick's next book.

Have you read any of Mick's Fiction? How about Some Other Scottland? He's a great writer, and if you love audio fiction like me a great narrator as well! Thanks for stopping by and check out the links below to go grab your copies!

The eBook on Kindle and Smashwords.
The Podiobook for you fellow audiobook lovers.
The music album that goes with the book.