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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Shift Omnibus Edition by Hugh Howey | Book Review

These books are a prequel to the Wool Omnibus. In case you didn't know, that is easily one of my favorite books. I'll be rereading Wool for the rest of my life. That said, this book isn't one I think I'll read over and over again but it was still great. I was thrilled to finally learn how the silos of Hugh's Wool series all came to be, and was delighted with a certain character's backstory, but it didn't capture me like Wool until the last half of the book.

After reading Wool I was dying to know how it all came to be. These books delivered on that which was awesome. For the first half of the book though, I was kind of bored. There's no way I wasn't going to keep reading because I HAD to find out the genesis of the story world, but that was the driving force for me in the first half of the book. Not characters I loved, not intense drama that left me reeling. Those came later. The more I read the more intriguing and engaging the story became. As I got to the end I couldn't put it down and I was captured by the story.

One thing this book did do really well for me is give me the feeling the main character had while in the silo world. The feeling of the walls of the silo and dirt outside of it pressing in on you. Without spoiling anything, the feeling of living a life where time has been quite messed with. There were moments while I was reading this book where I really felt what the character was feeling, and that was awesome. It is a testament to Hugh's amazing writing abilities. It was creepy, sad, exciting, and many more things throughout the course of the story.

Another reason that I started liking the book more the further I read is that a character I loved from Wool was introduced. I really enjoyed reading the story of how that certain character got to where he was in Wool. It was very fun to read and Hugh did an awesome job of building that character and writing in a way that really helped me relate to him even though he was in situations very different from my own. I'm not saying his name because I don't want to spoil anything, but he was a favorite from Wool and reading his backstory was awesome.

I am a lifelong fan of Hugh Howey and I think I'll go read his Wool Omnibus for a second time now to prepare for the next part of this amazing story - DUST! It comes out next month on August 17th!

Links to the books in the Silo Saga:
Dust (Currently Pre-order)

Have you read Wool by Hugh Howey? Were you absolutely blown away like I was? Is it now one of your favorite books? What about the Shift Omnibus? Did it capture you just as much or was it more of a gradual thing like it was for me? Chime in in the comments and thanks for stopping by!


  1. So, ultimately, I have to give the Wool Omnibus a four-star rating for a great start and a less stellar finish.

    I have every confidence that Hugh Howey will continue to make a name for himself and look forward to his future works!

    1. Thanks for the comment! The way it ended left me salivating for more, but there are many books I love where the ending didn't work for my friends so I hear you. I am also really looking forward to Hugh's future works, like Dust the one capping off the whole Silo series. I can't wait for that one! :) Thanks again for reading and commenting!