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Monday, September 30, 2013

I Don't Want to Kill You by Dan Wells | Book Review

I enjoyed every bit of this book. It was an awesome conclusion to the trilogy. Each book seemed to get a little better but they are all great books for different reasons. I still think the first one is amazing. This book was really interesting. Seeing how John Cleaver the protagonist interacts with people is so much fun to read. He's a sociopath but he's also a hero, but he's also more of a monster than the ones he's hunting in some ways, and yet he's on the right side. It is all just way too good to read once. Someday down the road I'll have to read all three of these books again.

Interestingly it took me a while to finish this book, but only because of the format I purchased it in. I do about 99% of my reading via audio books because I have a full schedule and two hours of commuting a day to work. This book however I read with the Kindle app on my iPad. I am a super fan of audio books but it was really nice to READ a book for once again. I picked it up here and there and then got too busy to read and just kept reading via audio books for a while. 

Usually I would find time to read this book if I was the only one still awake, or the only one up in the morning. It was a fun juxtaposition of sitting in a quiet peaceful house, that's usually really loud with 3 kids 5 & under, reading some pretty crazy and thrilling stuff. As I flicked through the digital pages I would read faster and faster and once I got to the end of a certain chapter near the end of the book - it was all over. Then I really had to find time to read because the story was a super page turner. This book is so cool because it's just so different from most of the books I read and I'm guessing you read - even if you read a lot of supernatural thrillers. I mostly read Science Fiction and Fantasy. This book was definitely thrilling, but it's also a deep book. You get a lot of the protag's internal monologue almost like a classic lit book, and then there's all the thrilling action and cringe worthy stuff. So I'll end with saying that this book is awesomely unique and it was a thrilling and thought provoking read. How Dan Wells pulled that off is pretty incredible. If you liked the first two books in the series you'll love this one, and it's not more of the same. All three books in this trilogy are very much their own story and writing this makes me want to go back and read them all again.

Have you read any of Dan's books? He's an awesome guy. He's a host on the amazing Writing Excuses podcast. I also had the privilege of having him as the guest writer when I went on The Roudtable Podcast to pitch a story idea - and he helped turn my story into something so much cooler. I'm currently writing the 8th chapter and am calling it Zombie Super Powers. You can follow along as I write the first draft and give me feedback if you want. Thanks for stopping by!

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