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Monday, February 3, 2014

Free Fantasy Fiction by Michael J. Sullivan FREE in audio!

Have you read author Michael J. Sullivan's awesome and super fun Riyria Revelations fantasy series? If not you are in for a treat. Epic fantasy that's more fun. Think of most epic fantasy novels as things you need to wade into, thick jungles with so much going on that you have to stop to check the notes on names and places in the back of the book every once in a while just to remind yourself what's going on. Well Michael wrote a beautiful complex world with rich characters, but he eases you into it. By the last book you'll look back and think how did all of this happen? I was just having a blast reading!

Michael planned the whole series before writing it so that it could become gradually more complex and he set out to have each book kind of one up the previous one. It's great stuff and I highly recommend his work. That said, if you want to dip your toes into his work for free then you're in luck! His short story with the two main character from his series called The Jester is available for free in audio over at Audible. Check out Michael's post about it to get all the cool details. You can also get another short story set in his world for free as an eBook called The Viscount and the Witch. So there you go, some fantastic free fantasy fiction for you both in eBook and audiobook formats from Michael J. Sullivan. Enjoy!

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