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Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Sword (Chiveis Trilogy) by Bryan M. Litfin | Book Review

I am a Christian, but I've always steered away from Christian fiction because frankly I'm afraid it will be terrible. I read for enjoyment, reading is easily one of my favorite things to do, but as a writer I also read to try and learn from great fiction. So when I choose my next book to read I choose something that sounds awesome or that I've heard from a trusted source is a great book. I usually read Sci-Fi or Fantasy and there are so many great books I've heard about that my "to-read" list is enormous. I wouldn't want to chance reading a crappy book which is what I've always assumed I would be doing if I tried reading Christian fiction. This book, however, proved me wrong - which I was thrilled about!

The story was really rich and full of excitement, deep character struggles, and an awesome story world. There's an evil witch, evil gods, and the Christian "God of the ancients" has been forgotten. It takes place in the future after much of humanity has been wiped out, so it's like reading a medieval fantasy story in many ways. Their technology has gone back to swords, axes, and spears for weaponry, and horses for transportation. There were many incredibly fight scenes in this book, and they wouldn't warrant a G rating. Yes this is a Christian book but it described the fights with the real brutality that would take place. They felt very real, not dumbed down for a sensitive Christian audience that's afraid of too much violence. It was awesome. It was refreshing because even though the story is a Christian one, it was very genuine. For someone used to reading Brandon Sanderson, David Farland, or Peter V. Brett - this book was right on par with the fantasy vibe I love.

Bryan M. Litfin
I really enjoyed the diction in this book. It gave the novel a fantasy feel and really helped me dive into the world. It was precise and descriptive. It was not quite as modern of prose as say a Brandon Sanderson fantasy novel, and yet was never a burden to read or a reason to be pulled out of the story. It read easily and the slightly different diction the author used seemed to make the very different world of Chiveis feel real. The way it ended, I'm definitely going to have to read the next book in the series. Litfin can only get better, and in this book I think he already did an amazing job. Loved the characters, loved the feel and tone, loved the diction, and especially the fight scenes. Two words: axe gun. Awesome stuff. 

Have you ever read any Christian fiction? Something you wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole? My friend and fellow writer Timothy C. Ward sent me a copy of The Priest's Graveyard and I've been meaning to read that one. It is a Christian novel by Ted Dekker and looks pretty good too. I'm a little more inclined to try more Christian fiction after reading The Sword, so thanks Mr. Litfin, and thank you for stopping by my blog.


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