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Luke's brother Cody went missing four years ago. The police could't find him. Neither could search and rescue. Everyone believed he got lost or died in an accident in the woods. Years later Luke thinks he found something to prove what happened. Maybe Cody had been right all along. The mythological monster was real. Luke and his buddy Nick travel deeper into the woods to find out.

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Viscount and the Witch by Michael J. Sullivan

I mentioned in an earlier post that Michael J. Sullivan had some short fiction available for free both in text an audio. Well I just finished the second one of them. I've listened to both short stories now and they're both awesome. This was an awesome story, but what surprised me was how great the humor was. I already knew I loved Michael's writing, but I'd forgotten how funny he is. The dialog and interaction between the characters had me cracking up the whole way through the story. I really enjoyed it. I've only read the first in the Riyria Revelations because so many other books are in my queue but now I'm pushing Michael's books to the top of my list. I have to read more of his stuff. He's a brilliant writer and I really like his characters.

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