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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sand by Hugh Howey | Book Review

Hugh Howey's novel Sand was so good. I really enjoyed it. I liked it as much as I liked his Wool Omnibus and that is saying a lot. This was a very different story than Wool, however. Instead of it being about a few characters and a community of people it was more about a family. The characters are all connected by the isolated places they live but also by blood. It was really cool to learn the family history as you learned about the story world. There were no boring info dumps. Howey skillfully lets you in on the back story as he pushes you through the current story. It was well done.

So the story world is super cool, a world covered in sand kind of like Dune but not really anything like Dune. The characters are cool too - people that have learned how to dive into the sand to bring up treasures from the old world. The coolest thing about his book for me though were the intense situations the characters get in. Early on in the novel the characters go into a very dangerous situation. As I read it I was cringing and leaning forward and needing to do nothing but keep read to find out what was going to happen. From there you get a whole lot more story, meet new characters and generally get the idea of what kind of horrible situation everyone is in. The world of Sand would not be a fun place to live in, but reading what the characters go through is a touching thrilling adventure.

I don't want to give anything away so I'll just end this review by saying that if you love rooting for characters and cringing as you read faster to see if they can get out of crazy situations then read this book. If you like awesome story worlds and really cool new ideas about things characters can do in it that are different from anything we know then read this book. If you want to read something with real characters with fantastically realistic dialog that sounds like living breathing people figuring things out in their dire world than read this book. Lastly if you like finding small sentences sprinkled throughout a novel that describe things, people, and their surroundings and the feelings they're experiencing with exquisite beauty then you should read this book.

Have you read any of Hugh Howey's work? He's one of my favorite authors. Not only is he a phenomenal author who's stories are some of the best I've ever read - he's also a really cool generous kind guy too. A quality dude. Thanks for stopping by.

Link: Sand at Amazon in Paperback, Kindle eBook, and audiobook.

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