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Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green | Book Review

Ok so technically the last paragraph of this post is where you'll find my review of this book - sorry I kind of got ranty and went off on how I'm always surprised by books like this one and how my favorite books aren't genre fiction. I know weird right? This book was awesome. Most of the books I read have fantastical story worlds, or magic, or advanced technology, or cool weapons - basically I read a lot of Sci-Fi and Fantasy because that's what I'm interested in writing. That said my very favorite books of all time, novels that I read multiple times because they're just that good, have not been in these genres. My favorite books are a lot like The Fault In Our Stars. Surprisingly they're not genre fiction. Normal characters in tough situations dealing with growing up and all the pain and learning that involves. Pretty much coming of age stories. They always seem to get me. I don't think I have one favorite story, but I do have a few that are tied for first place. The first is called "The Body" by Stephen King. Yes the one they made the movie Stand By Me from. It's not a horror story. It's a story about a kid who is invisible to his parents because his older brother died and his friends are his support system and the novel depicts that time in the characters life so well that you feel like it was your own personal history you just got done reading when you finish the book. The characters become your friends even if you’re a grown man and they're just kids. You feel like you were really there with them.

The second is The Absolutely True Story of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie. It's about a Native American student who gets fed up with the education he's receiving at his school on the reservation so he transfers to a "rich white school," to get a better education. There he plays on the basketball team and makes new friends and changes and grows as a person. I know right? These don't sound like books I would even enjoy - and they're the best books I've ever read! I think it's because they do such an amazing job of telling the story through the eyes of the character. They're both first person. Both coming of age. Okay, so I was reviewing The Fault in Our Stars right? Okay let's get back to that :)

So The Fault in Our Stars doesn't sound like a book I would read or enjoy, but I loved it. A girl who's terminally sick with cancer meets a boy. They fall in love, but bad sad things happen. I won't spoil anything because what happens is not what you're thinking will happen. It's such a great story full of funny true genuine characters with quirks and amazing dialog and emotional memorable scenes. You'll leave this book remembering a lot of the scenes from it. Most books I finish and think back on and remember a couple cool moments - this book is full of them. The emotions of the characters are portrayed so well. Their story is sad but it's also inspiring and amazing. I highly recommend this book.

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