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Monday, August 11, 2014

The First Floor: The Black Tower Serial, Episode One
by David R. Beshears | Book Review

This short book was really cool. I would love to see the movie for this one. Think action meets Science Fiction suspense. You've got a bunch of scientists and some military people going into a massive skyscraper. Inside they find not a bunch of offices, but a dense jungle filled with alien vegetation. As they make their way through the first floor they come up against some pretty menacing and creepy stuff.

There were some great moments in this book that were exciting and chilling. It was a fun read and I pictured myself right alongside the characters as they headed out on this strange and terrifying adventure. You only get the beginning of the larger adventure in this book, but there's plenty in there to keep you listening or turning the pages.

I listened to the audiobook version of this story. The narrator has a very pleasant, smooth, and deep voice. It was nice to listen to especially during the narration parts. His reading came off a bit flat for me though. Every character was voiced the same which made it a bit hard at times to distinguish between the characters. It would help to have a more dramatic reading style with more pauses and variation in the speed of the reading to bring this great story across with all of its wonderful flourishes and well constructed prose. You'll like the narrators great voice though and probably won't be as critical as someone like me who narrates audiobooks and listens to them nonstop.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who likes their sci-fi with a bit of intrigue, adventure, suspense, and a splash of creepy horror that will keep you wanting to read on so you can find out more about the aliens the characters must learn more about.

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