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Monday, April 20, 2015

Alibi Jones by Mike Luoma | Book Review

Science Fiction adventure. For me, that's enough said. I'm in. This was a fun Sci-Fi action adventure story. It was a refreshing read for me because I've been reading a lot of massive epic fantasy novels lately that are chalked full of description. This book just moves. It is almost all story. There's plenty of good description but it didn't have so much that it slowed down the story which was awesome. The characters are always doing something, very rarely were they sitting in a room talking.

I loved the alien character Kit who is described as a "cat man." It sort of reminds me of the Kilrathi from the Wing Commander games, but Kit was a very different character than those bad guys. He's an awesome fighter and I loved the way he related to humans. He's so different than them that he has a hard time understanding them which made for some great humor and character development in this book. I also loved how the author showed Kit's much stronger sense of smell changing the way he interacted with the various environments in the story.

I also liked how the main character Alibi Jones, though he has an exciting abnormal job, was an every man. This made him easy to relate to which worked well for the point of view character. He's sort of like a crass Han Solo who has to constantly prove his abilities to others.

I had fun reading this book. It was an awesome romp through space with a few surprising scenes full of grotesque horror and a lot of deep emotion. But mostly it's just fun adventure. If you love Star Wars, action movies, or comedies you'll have a good time reading this book.

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