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Friday, May 15, 2015

Chimera by N. J. Tanger | Book Review

Wow where to begin with this book. It was super cool! I loved the strange tale this novel told. We get to follow a kid who starts as a nobody on a planet that isn't just going nowhere but is in a dire situation. He lives on a planet where everyone is an outcast from Earth. They've all been sent to another planet to pay back a debt. The cool thing is he doesn't just sit around and accept his fate. He does something about it. Then he gets dropped, quite literally, into a really messed up situation that puts him under the power of someone else.

We also have a girl who is a young pilot with some crazy technology wired into her brain that helps her connect with and control spaceships. So she's a prodigy pilot flying at an age that isn't even legal. It's pretty sweet. She pushes her dad's ship really hard and ends up getting into trouble.

Some of the characters get chosen to be trained to man a ship back to Earth. They go through a sort of boot camp where they're pushed to their limits. The characters go through a lot and grow a ton. There's some good character development going on and you get to learn more about the characters as they're learning more about themselves.

The end of the book was my favorite part. Stuff gets crazy and you get to see some pretty cool science-fictiony, yes that's a word, technology. Characters can fly with a propulsion gadget like you've never seen. They also get into some sneaking around and non gravity situations. It was an awesome ending. This was a great YA science fiction book and I'll definitely pick up the next one.

Have you been looking for a good Science Fiction read? I know I have. I love epic fantasy but it seems to be all I'm reading and all I plan to read next. What about you? Do you have any great science fiction to recommend? I recommend Chimera. I don't think it's like anything you've read yet. Good stuff. Thanks for stopping by!

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