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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Ancient Enemy by Mark Lukens | Book Review

This was a fantastic horror novel. The only other horror novels I've read are Stephen King books. This one was much more straight forward and cinematic than a King book. While I love King's literary leanings and beautiful prose this book felt very much like a movie as I read it. If this book was a movie I would not want to watch it alone at night! Though I could sometimes tell what was generally going to happen next in the story I never had an idea of how it would happen and was surprised every time by how the author pulled off what happened next. It was one stairway into hell after another for the characters and riding along as a reading was a fun yet freaky thrill ride.

I loved how everything got worse and worse for the characters. Some of the most terrifying scenes I've ever read are in this book. It was awesome. I loved the intensity in this story. When crazy stuff went down the characters reacted in a very believable way and I kept thinking how I would react if I were in the same situation. I liked the variety between the characters and it was fun to see how they all reacted in a different way to the horrors they faced.

The evil behind all of the gruesome things that happen to or around the characters isn't revealed until the very end of the story and I really liked the explanation of it. I'd love to go into it but I don't want to have any spoilers in this review so I'll just say it's based in history and is awesome. The author came up with a really cool bad guy in this book and though it does unbelievable things to the characters by the end you'll find yourself a believer in it's wicked existence - at least in the realm of the story world.

I read this book by listening to the audiobook. The narrator Teri Schnaubelt was new to me but did an amazing job. She has a wonderful reading voice.

It was awesome to see the character work together and against each other. Shifting from trust to weariness to all out fighting. That's all I'm going to say because I want everything to be a surprise for you when you read this book. Happy reading! Read with the lights on :) Thanks for stopping by.

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