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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Fifteen Dollars' Guilt by Antonio Simon, Jr. | Book Review

This was a cool short story. I loved the way it wove the fictional story around real historical events in a believable way. This story was very short but accomplished a lot because it was kept to a small cast of characters. That helped it move nicely. It was written well and had a great flow. I was never bored or felt taken out of the story by distractions of bad writing or storytelling.

The main character is pretty cool. He's The Prometheus, a character found in all the short stories that are part of The Prometheus Saga, an alien being sent to Earth to observe human life throughout the ages. We meet him leaving a harbor where the boat he was just on sunk. He flees prying eyes into a dark bar and meets a strange man. Their unusual friendship continues over the course of meetings back at this same bar until the friend unveils a horrible plan.

The story has a really cool mood from start to finish. It's fun to read of the character sort of sneaking away from a huge shipwreck to fade into the dark shadows of a bar. Then we get to meet this friend of his and by the end of the story the narrative is told through his point of view and what happens there is secretive and exciting, if not terrible, too. I'm trying really hard not to give any spoilers away so when you read the story for yourself everything will be a surprise.

The last thing I'll say about it is that I really appreciated the author's notes at the end of the story. There he details real historical events and items that are found in the cool fictional tale you just read and it leads you to track down photos and articles about it online. This short fictional tale continues out into the real world for a little while. Fun stuff. Talented author. I'm glad I read this crafty little story.

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