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Monday, September 14, 2015

HR by Geoffrey Neil | Book Review

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This was an interesting read with a unique plot. This author is very good at building tension. I felt nervous with the characters in many scenes. I also loved how he wrote in little details that the characters noticed. It added to the realism and made me feel like I was there in the story that much more with the character. The writer's style was great. He writes without much flourish so the story moves fast but like I said there is also little details added to really flesh out the scenes. A great combo of nice bare bones writing with dashes of detail made for a nice fast pace and vivid story.

Like I said, this was a unique book. I haven't read anything like it. I liked it and I'm glad I read it because it was an interesting tale. The author is a talented writer and he did a lot of things right in this book - there were just a few things that kept me from giving this one a 5 star review. 

It's a thriller but sort starts and stops as far as pacing goes. Once it gets that sorted out there are little moments of intensity here and there followed by a very slow boil that eventually pays off. I can't say I was ever bored, I guess I'd say the author just really took his time establishing things with the characters and the situation. That said there were a lot of really cool scenes in this book. It's worth the slower parts to get to the exciting stuff and the slow parts are doing their job of adding depth to the characters and setting up what happens in the last act of the story. So I guess I'd say some parts were a little slow but I still wasn't bored in these parts so the author was doing something right there.

The book starts off with one story and it takes a crazy turn toward horror. Then before you quite understand what's going on, though I'm sure more discerning readers guessed, you are plunged straight into another story with a whole new setting and new characters with the villain from the first story eventually coming into the story. It took a while until she was there though and until she tied the two stories together it was a jolt and I felt like I was reading a completely new book. I know these kinds of books need to start with an exciting scene to hook the reader but I'm wondering if the author could have condensed the first story and told a little of it and then sprinkle the rest of it in little parts throughout the other story as flashbacks the villain has or something. It was kind of cool knowing who the villain was before the characters and seeing them all slowly come to realize just who she really was though. The villain is someone you feel is very dangerous, capable, and smooth as you read the book. Like she's capable of anything.

The character Hugh seemed like a bit of a rip off of Lennie Small from Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men but I liked him anyway. I liked the details about him liking whittling but felt his character could have been developed a little more. I'm not sure how this could have been accomplished but maybe if we could of had some scenes from his point of view it would have helped us readers feel like we knew him better.

Overall the author did a great job of taking a crazy very creepy idea and turning it into a believable full length novel. That would not have been easy to do but it all comes to live as you read the story. This story would make a great movie. Give it a try and see it as a movie in your mind as I did.

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