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Monday, September 21, 2015

The Martian by Andy Weir | Book Review

Oh man was this book good. Ok let's get into it. I've got to say this book had more stand up and cheer moments than most books I've read, and those are really satisfying moments as a reader. You go on a long tough lonely journey with NASA astronaut Mark Watney. I'm not really a hard science fiction reader and I did get bogged down a tiny bit occasionally from all of the technical stuff but at the same time it was Mark explaining what he was doing to stay alive so the tension was still there. I'm sure a lot of more scientific minded readers will love these details for the realism they add to the story. This story was 100% believable. I believed everything the whole way through. It was as if I was reading astronaut log entries from NASA's website of actual events that happened.

One of the best things about this book is the main character's sense of humor. He wrote the most hilarious stuff. I laughed out loud a ton while reading this book even though I was reading about a stranded astronaut on Mars in situations where it looks like he most likely will die. The things he writes in the log entries you read in the book are so funny. His levity really makes the prose in this book shine and the dire situation he is in more palatable. If it weren't for his jokes and laugh out loud humor I would of had a much harder time reading through the long technical bits and might not have even made it through the story. His humor makes you want to root for him even more. I mean lets face it, everyone automatically wants to root for a guy stranded alone on Mars but the fact that this guy doesn't give up, is extremely talented, capable, and hopeful and hilarious on top of all that just makes you want to root for him that much more.

This book takes you on one heck of a journey. Most of the book is the log entries of the main character Mark who is stranded on Mars. I have to stress though that the other parts of the book written in third person about the people back on Earth trying to save him were really well done too. They had many moments of tension and hilarity.

This book with all of its dire situations and need for extreme knowledge of technical scientific details would have been extremely hard to write even if it turned out dull and boring when it was done. Andy Weir managed to get all the technical stuff right in an amazingly believable way and sprinkle in fantastic humor and great characters you love on top of it makes this an instant classic of Science Fiction in my book. I don't think it has won me over to wanting to read more hard science fiction books, but I will for sure read anything Andy Weir writes. I'm a big fan of his. I can't believe this was his debut novel. It was amazing.

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