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Monday, December 7, 2015

A Broken Magic by Justin R Macumber | Book Review

Another fantastic novel from Justin R. Macumber. I loved the first book in this series, and this one delivered again. Great story, great characters, and two awesome magic systems that clash to make for one awesome story with great action scenes.

The way Justin described the two different kinds of magic, the way they felt when the characters drew them in, and how it affected them was brilliant. I also love how he described the magic hurting characters to use it and how it drained them. It took a lot out of the characters to use magic in this book and that made it seem so much more real and awesome. Yes the characters can do some amazing things with magic but they suffer for it and having that as part of the story enhanced it so much for me. He made abstract fantastical things feel real and alive in the story.

There was a part in the story where there's a magic wielding character in the post-apocalyptic world and they had never seen electricity. That character comes encounters a city with all the street lights up and running. To them the technology was like magic. It was really fun seeing that character interact with the world that would be somewhat familiar to me but had become the stuff of magic to them. Great storytelling and world building.

The imagery described in the fight scenes from magic being used was amazing. Justin did a fantastic job of describing what was happening. I could see the scenes clearly in my mind and they were so cool. I remember stopping just to imagine the moment that was happening in the scene for a few seconds longer just to enjoy it before I moved on. He has a great way of balancing description with action so the scenes move but are described in a way you can picture clearly in your mind.

In the last act of the story Justin utilized all of the characters well. There were a lot of characters and he made all of them important. Even the more minor characters had a major role to play in the final battle and it was awesome to see the battle through all of the different character viewpoints. Another thing I loved about Justin using so many characters in his novel was the dialogue. It always gave each character more depth and personality. The dialogue was also often witty and very funny. I've said this in other reviews before but when an author can make me laugh in a time of intense action where it looks like the characters are doomed I am pretty impressed and it makes reading the story that much more fun and enjoyable.

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