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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

First World War by Ken Pelham | Book Review

This was an interesting story in The Prometheus Saga. The Prometheus character was discovering who he was. Instead of knowing his purpose he just knew he was drawn to humans and had instincts to study them but keep itself safe when found in dangerous situations. He also hears voices in times of trouble telling him what to do to save his body from death.

There are different tribes of people in this story. The author did an awesome job of describing them. I could picture them as I read their description. They war against each other and The Prometheus observes it all.

There was a lot of war and brutal violence in this story. Much of it is described in detail and that makes me recommend this story as one that's not for the faint of heart. It's not a horror story but there are realistic horrors of war in it so be ready to read some brutal action scenes full of detailed violence. It fit with the time period and place this story took place in and didn't come off as something to shock the reader but know it's in there. If you have a weak stomach this one may not be for you. If The Walking Dead is something you don't have trouble watching, you'll be fine.

In this story The Prometheus character used his knowledge of his immortal body to convince others of magic taking place when he could heal from mortal wounds. That was a cool concept because as a reader of the other Prometheus Saga stories I knew about his abilities but had not seen them used in this way. Usually he/she hides the ability from humans. So that was cool.

There's a love story in this violent story. It was fun seeing it develop even in this short of a story and what lengths the characters had to go to in order to be together in the warring society. It was a little like Romeo and Juliet but in a weird cool historical fiction / science fiction kind of way. This was a very interesting story and not like one I've ever read before. I'm glad I picked it up.

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