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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Lost Stars by Claudia Gray | Book Review

Lost Star was a fantastic book. I love how much emotion was in it. That should be obvious because it's a Young Adult novel Romeo and Juliet space adventure but this book surprised me with how much awesome strong emotions it had in it. The characters go through a lot it I really felt what they were feeling as I read this book. It was amazing.

I loved how the intimate story of the two main characters weaved through huge story moments in the original STAR WARS trilogy, even doing things that you see the effects of in Episode VII The Force Awakens. You get to see big parts of Episodes IV, V, and VI through different perspectives and that was really fun. Some of the huge story events that happen in those movies have enormous effects on the characters both emotionally and on their careers. I loved getting to experience a great new story with awesome new characters I had come to love that also intersected with a story I've known and loved for years. Sometimes this book goes into more detail than the original trilogy explaining the thinking and reasoning behind why things happened the way they did and I can't help but think the next time I watch the original trilogy it will be enriched from my reading of this book and that is so rad!

The first time Ciena Ree met Darth Vader the way she described him made him seem so creepy and powerful and it was really fun to see the iconic character through her eyes. It gave me more respect for Darth Vader in a weird way and made him seem scarier and more powerful even though I know him well. That was cool.

The story starts on the small backwater planet of Jelucan and Gray did an amazing job with the world building there. It felt so lived in with its own rich history and the two societies who didn't get along with the newer Second Wavers and the older natives called the Valley Kindred. From these two very different cultures two friends meet and their story grows from there.

I loved the character growth of the two main characters Thane Kyrell the aristocratic second waver, and Ciena Ree the rural villager. They become so much more as they rise in power and position through the ranks of the Empire and more. Their story was really touching, thrilling, and fun to read. You get to see them go from backwater kids with huge dreams to important people in the universe right there at the heart of many of the major conflicts. The way I got to experience these kids grow up was really special and made for a really enjoyable reading experience.

The last act of the book was amazing. There was so much built up emotion and so much intense action that it made for one heck of a story climax. It was fantastic. I can't recommend this book enough for STAR WARS fans.

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