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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

This Long Vigil by Rhett C. Bruno | Book Review

This was a really touching short story. I loved it! The world building was excellent too. You have a dude who is living with the ships computer on a generational spaceship traveling for years and years to reach some new place to colonize. The main character Orion is the only human awake. He gets to help the ship maintain stuff while walking past hundreds of sleeping humans encased behind protective barriers he'll never be able to cross. His only interaction for his whole life is with the ship wide artificial intelligence called Dan. He likes Dan. He respects Dan, but when Orion's time is nearly up he just can't face going back to sleep for eternity in one of those hibernation chambers, so he picks the person to replace him and does something drastic.

The story is very well written and started off with me being a very interested reader wanting to find out what Orion's life is like. You get to see how his life has been always inside of a ship. His life has been happy, but he longs for more. The author Rhett C. Bruno did a great job building the world, describing the sites and sounds of the ship and space beyond it.

This story was done really well. I loved it. It's a quick easy read but very touching and deep for such a short story. The ending was beautiful. It was also exciting. Great story.

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