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Monday, February 22, 2016

The Bridge Crosser

My mom wrote a children's book! It's a touching story and now it's available!

Here's the synopsis:

The Bridge Crosser is a children's story of a boy named Tom who lived on a farm with his mother and father. Hard working Tom faces hardship with a stern mother and an accident involving his father. The story is layered with a series of dreams he experiences, a neighbor lady he encounters, and most of all a mysterious bridge that he finds at the edge of his property. The puzzle pieces fall together for this young man, bringing him into a whole new life.

The message of this book brings inspiration to children and adults. Walking through Tom's adventure causes the reader to correlate the lessons learned to their own lives. The captivating message written on the bridge relates to anyone who is seeking to find comfort, love, and a best friend.

Here's an affiliate link to purchase my mom's awesome book on Amazon:
The Bridge Crosser

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