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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Danube Waves by Katharina Bordet | Book Review

Goats, dessert, coffee, chase scenes, magic portals, alternate realms. This was a really fun sequel to The Coffee Legacy. I love how coffee is a secret that leads to worlds beyond our own in this universe. I loved the interaction between the characters from different worlds in this book.

Let me share an example of a scene I loved that kind of showcases what was fun about this book. I got to read a scene where a person of royal lineage from another world who has been turned into an animal by crossing over is trying to sneak into a coffee shop to get to a portal that will bring him back. If that sounds as fun to you as it was for me to read then you'll love this story.

Like the book The Coffee Legacy (Wiener Blut Book 1) that comes before it—this magical story is like a fairy tail told in our modern world. It plays out with awesome character interactions of friendship, love, and some good family drama. Throw in a love for desserts, coffee, and magic and you have one really fun modern fantasy novel. Unlike most fantasy novels that start each chapter with a poem or piece of history from the fantasy world, this book starts each chapter with dessert and its recipe. I love Katharina's unique voice. It did not disappoint and this story made for a great sequel.

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