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Monday, March 7, 2016

Putin and MH370/MH17 Written by: David Joseph | Book Review

This was a cool look behind the scenes in some very crazy political and war dealings. It felt kind of like a realistic spy novel in the first story, a political thriller in the second story, and a fun war story in the third story. In the first story there were a bunch of tense scenes that were exciting to listen to. I particularly liked the scenes that had to do with commercial airplanes. I used to work at an airport and it reminded me of being around big commercial jets. 

The narrator Andrew Philip Bryan has a great voice which made for an enjoyable listen. He has a pleasant British accent. His accents for the characters from other countries could use some work though.

This book was well researched. It gave a lot of details about specific technologies and equipment used. These details added to the realism of the stories. In reading this book you get to hang out with some terrible powerful world leaders.

I enjoyed the author's note before the third story. It was cool to know he had some personal experiences that inspired the story. If you like military stories and appreciate reading books that get the technical aspects right check this one out.

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Putin and MH370/MH17

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