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Friday, April 8, 2016

Destroyer by Chris Fox | Book Review

This book was a ton of fun and I can't wait for more! It's military science fiction but it's easily the most entertaining military sci-fi novel I've ever read. I haven't read much because I find they're usually boring books. This story just moved and it was very fun and engaging.

There were no scenes where characters were sitting around talking and pondering philosophical or political things like I've read in other military science-fiction. There were no abstruse complicated sentences about the technology. No expounding on what this future science could realistically be like and I appreciated that. Everything was described well so I understood how the science worked, but the story wasn't about the science. It was about the adventures and conflicts which in my opinion makes for a much more enjoyable read. Instead I got a ton of awesome action scenes. I got a behind closed doors meeting scene where terrible secrets were discovered by eavesdropping good guys. I got some really cool science fiction style Indiana Jones scenes where characters flew to planets and explored ancient ruins to try and uncover some terrifying mysteries about an alien race. 

One thing that makes a book a favorite to me is when I don't get bored reading it and that was the case with this book. It was fantastic. Even though it had great world building, interesting technologies, and super cool alien races I loved I don't remember ever getting assaulted with a huge info dump to tell me all about it. As you get to see these alien races and human characters go through all kinds of trials you discover more about them and the technology around them.

I particularly liked the Tigris. They are a catlike alien race that reminded me of the Kilrathi from one of my favorite old space fighting games Wing Commander. I loved how the movement of their tails was often used to show their mood. These aliens are cunning and intelligent but they are also vicious brutal fighters with an amazing amount of strength. Their sharp claws and teeth were scary. I loved how human characters thought that they creepy when they smiled. They came across as terrifying warriors which was cool. It also made for a fun juxtaposition when these tigress characters were happy and would sometimes purr. I love that and thought it was awesome.

There are two other ancient alien races. They were really great too but I'm not explaining them because I don't want to spoil anything in the story. I also liked how the Helios Gates worked for long distance space travel. They were a cool idea that were well executed.

I loved how all of the characters were ones that I've never met before but they had a lot of interesting backstory. Just enough was given for me to know their motivations and appreciate them as well rounded fleshed out characters with a history. I would say the story focuses more on plot and character but the author did a great job creating living breathing characters that I enjoyed going on adventures with. I'm excited to learn more about them by reading the prequel Exiled.

I would say that this novel was like Wing Commander meets Indiana Jones. It was a whole heck of a lot of fun and you should go buy it right now so you can get to reading it. I know I'm glad I picked this one up and is soon as I'm done writing this review I'm going to go read the prequel. I can't wait for the sequel to come out.

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