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Thursday, April 21, 2016

School of Deaths by Christopher Mannino | Book Review

I wasn't sure what I was getting into with this book but it turned out to be a great read. It was a little bit like Harry Potter where a character finds out they are a supernatural person and go to a supernatural school, but that's where the similarities end. Actually the fact that the Death characters have a sport they play with scythes did remind me of Quidditch but other than that everything was very original. Their sport was nothing like Quidditch, it's just that a supernatural sport at a supernatural school reminded me of Harry Potter. But this book had a ton of its own cool ideas and it was nothing like Harry Potter. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love the Harry Potter books I'm just saying that this book is not a rip off of those great books and the author did a lot of cool original things in this novel.

The author did a great job coming up with lots of fun characters and a very cool story world for them to explore. Suzy, a teenage girl, finds herself transported into a world of Deaths where people are learning to become those cloaked scythe wielding figures who ferry you from the living world to the next once you have died.

I liked that the main character was a girl. It was even cooler that she was entering a world of boys and men in which she was the only girl. Though I could see how this is a great book for female young adult readers, I think guys will like this book a lot too. The author is a guy, and as a male reader I really enjoyed it. It's likely female readers will even get more enjoyment out of it with such a relatable awesome strong female protagonist. I happen to love coming-of-age stories and this was a really great one with a female main character. Other then the Mistborn books by Brandon Sanderson I don't think I've ever read a coming-of-age book with a female lead. Hats off to the mail author for writing such a great female character. 

I loved the story world this book took place in. Especially all of the cool backstory that unfolded as we got to discover it with the main character. She is the first female Death in a thousand years and something really crazy happened the last time there was a female Death. Certain things in the world are not talked about, and it was really cool to see Suzy uncover mysteries in the world. I also really liked it when she discovered a few ancient places where it seemed no one had been in a very long time. The scenes where she uncovered these locations were really fun.

I read this book by listening to the audiobook. The narrator Joel Froomkin did a great job with this story. He is a master of doing tons of different accents and voices. It made for a really enjoyable listen. From old men to teenage girls this guy came up with great voices for all the characters. 

It was cool seeing her make friends and start to fight back instead of letting all the male Death characters bully her. It was fun watching her make friends and uncover mysteries. It was fun watching her grow up and find out who she really is. There was a nice character arc and some good character growth. If you like fantasy stories give this one a try. You won't be disappointed. It was a fun read.

I was given a review copy of the audiobook for an honest review by Audiobook Blast.

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