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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Shadows of the Highridge by Jay Swanson | Book Review

I really enjoyed this book. It had huge man eating worms that can hear you when you walk on the ground. This made for some really tense scenes. The characters could only step on rocks or risk being heard and eaten by the giant worm monsters. This book had a ton of really intense scenes involving survival and it made for a fun read.

I also really liked getting to know the character Brin Salisir more. He's a mysterious character from Jay's phenomenal Into The Nanten books. Although I got to now Salisir more in Nanten book 2, Fall of the Arbor King, this was a cool slice of his life from before those books. I loved seeing him start as a mysterious character in this book and then have more and more revealed about him as he formed relationships with the other characters. If Jay writes more books like this, hint hint, I will jump at the chance to read more about Salisir. 

But my very favorite thing about this book was the dialogue. Yes I wanted to read it because it's a fantasy story with magic and crazy beasts the characters have to fight but I have to say that the dialogue was the highlight for me. It was what I left the book appreciating the most. As the characters went through many life and death trials they got to know each other. They taught things to each other. They learned things about themselves. They weren't just characters to me anymore. Now they were real people whose journey I was totally invested in. The great dialogue made this book come alive for me. Even though this is a dark book I laughed and smiled as the characters brought a little joy to each other with witty dialogue as they escaped one peril only to stumble upon another.

Get this book for the awesome fights between farmers, soldiers, warriors, and worms. Get this book to gain more insight into the world of the Nanten and its many mysteries. Get this book to experience more of the great Brin Salisir in a time before he graced the pages of Into the Nanten books one and two. But most of all get this book to hang out with richly rendered characters that have a lot to figure out about the world around them, strangers that have barged into their lives, massive deadly creatures, and most importantly themselves as they do all within their power just to survive. I loved this book. Especially the great dialogue.

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