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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Conjesero: The Supernatural Serial Killer by Carl Alves
Book Review

This was a great supernatural crime thriller. It had heart, great characters, and was really exciting. I really liked the San Francisco homicide detective Kevin Russel. It was fun spending time with him as he tried to track down the monster Conjesero. It was awesome seeing him investigate the case. I really got a feel for what his life was like as a homicide detective. There were a lot of characters in this book and they all felt real and added a lot to the story. The college student was a great character too. I would have given this book 5 stars if it had been edited a little better. There were just lots of little things here and there like missing words and stuff an editor would have caught. They didn't detract from the story though, it was great. I just kept wanting to turn the pages as the story unfolded and the killings kept piling up. 

There was one part with a lot of fun detective work that I feel could have been made way better if it was swapped to a different time in the story. We get to learn how a serial killer was hunted down and captured but it's all after the fact. We already know he was captured. That took some of the fire out of it and it read as more of a recap of what happened than a fun few scenes where you get to see them making some awesome smart moves to get the guy. Those great scenes should have taken place in real time alongside the character rather than after the fact. It would have been way more exciting to read. They were still great scenes though. Awesome action ending with a sweet chase scene. Also the rest of the book was packed with great action scenes. Trust me there's no lack of intense action in this book. The monster makes sure of that.

The villain in this book is intense. I don't want to spoil anything but let's just say you wouldn't want to come across this character—ever. The things that he did to the characters were very gruesome. The scenes where he killed people were described in detail. If stuff like that bothers you you might want to skim those sections. I have to say however that even though the scenes were gory they didn't seem to be that way just for the sake of shocking the reader. This monster has incredible abilities to maim and kill and he uses all of them to great effect and you as the reader see pretty much all of it happen in real time. It's really intense.

I don't like gore in stories but in this one it just made the monster scarier to me which I thought was an awesome experience as a reader. I think another great thing the writer did was portray characters' reactions to the dead bodies that the villain left behind. This made the antagonist seem even scarier then if you had just watched the horrible actions unfold in the scene only. So the author did a tremendous job of building up the villain in this book. He was an awesome bad guy and had a really cool and interesting back story—so it's not just some creature. It's a monster with a dark past and a history of becoming the killer it is in present time in the story.

Lastly, the author pulled off the ending really well. It was a great conclusion to the story and felt very satisfying to me. The climax was edge of your seat action and the little bits after that left me in a great place as a reader. This was a really fun book.

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