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Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Twelve by Justin Cronin | Book Review

I have roughly the same feelings about this book as I did with The Passage. I would say I liked it a little more, but it was the same kind of thing. Loved it then didn't care for a while about it until near the end of the story. I was all about it and really loving it and then it jumps forward in time and I feel cheated and upset about having to leave the great storyline I had been reading and enjoying for so long. 

The virals were terrifying and awesome in the first act of the story. Then for the rest of the book they seemed like afterthoughts that were barely mentioned. Yes they were around but in the background for the most part other than a couple really cool scenes.

Much like The Passage I have to say that the action scenes in The Twelve were outstanding. They felt so real and intense and scary. Justin Cronin writes action scenes and fight scenes really well. The last act of The Twelve was also really great just like it was in The Passage. So Justin nailed the ending and it was really cool. An awesome ending.

So I guess all I have to say is I'm disappointed again like I was with The Passage—but this book did have some really amazing stuff in it. If the good parts weren't so good I wouldn't care but they really are awesome! I wish an editor could tell Justin to cut the amount of characters and the length of the middle parts of his stories way down and these would be some of my favorite books. Just like The Passage to me The Twelve suffered from a bloated middle. It also suffered from making me fall in love with characters like the awesome bus driver named Danny to then move forward in time and never let me see them again.

If you liked The Passage I think you'll like this book even more so give it a shot. If you want to read some amazing action scenes and find out what happened to the many characters from The Passage give this book a read. If you're not so sure after reading the monstrously long book that is The Passage that you want to read another door stopper where the middle might bore you and present you with characters you don't care about then you might want to take a pass on this one.

With all that said—I've come this far and I do think Justin is an extremely talented writer—I am going to read the last installment to this ginormous trilogy The City of Mirrors. I'm pretty sure I will also give whatever book he writes next a try because like I said, even though his books suffer from bloat that should be cut out, he's an amazing writer.

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