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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Scavenger: A.I.: (Sand Divers, Book 2) by Timothy C. Ward
Book Review

This book was kind of like the show 24 in that the plot moves at a breakneck pace during a very short period of time. It felt like the story was always moving and though there were some scenes where you got to slow down and take a breather most of the book felt like action scenes. There were a lot of really cool ones too. My favorite was probably an under the sand knife fight. Yes, you heard me right, and it was amazing! Super tense. I cringed and felt excited and claustrophobic all in that same scene. 

Getting to see where Rush and Star were in this next installment was great too. Their relationship has changed a lot from the first book and there are a whole bunch of new issues brought up between them. I enjoyed watching them work through their struggles throughout the story.

The technology in this book was crazy! And the ways the author had the characters use it was very imaginative and just fricking cool! A few time I remember thinking something like "they just did what with that crazy technology?!"

This was a great sequel. Give it a try. You won't be disappointed.

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Scavenger: A.I.: (Sand Divers, Book Two)

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