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Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Dispatcher by John Scalzi | Book Review

Wow this was one original story. It was awesome. For how short it was there was a lot to it and it was a very satisfying story.
I really liked the characters in it. It's sort of reminds me of a modern day Raymond Chandler book without all the flowery descriptions and with a bunch of cool genre fiction stuff thrown in.
In a world where no one dies if they are murdered, our protagonist kills people for a living. They call it dispatching. When they kill them their bodies up here back at home safe and sound. When one of these dispatchers goes missing the main characters life gets complicated quickly. I really enjoyed the buddy cop aspect of the main character with the police officer in this story.
The flow and plot of the story were really fun to read and provided a great arc and satisfying ending. Even though the story flies by because it's fun to read, when it's over it feels like you read a lot more than the length of the story because it was so well told. It was a very complete story even though it was short which was awesome.
This is the first book I've read by this author, now I'm excited to dive into his back list. I will be reading many more of his books. It's really cool that Audible made the audiobook version of this novel free. That's how I picked it up. I thought the narration was great and enjoyed all of the different character voices that the narrator used.
I laughed a lot, was very intrigued, and even cried once while listening to this deep yet short story. The crazy fantastical idea behind how death works in this story was very creative. Five stars all the way. 
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