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Monday, November 28, 2016

Brave Men Run by Matthew Wayne Selznick | Book Review

I loved this book. It was really fun to read a book that took place in the 80s. It was a different world back then and it's really fun to read an authentic story that takes place back then before the Internet. Brave Men Run really captures the era. 

The characters were great too. The first person narrative grabbed me right away. High schooler Nate Charters was a fun character to get to know. I first read this book by listening to the audio version narrates by the author. Mathew Wayne Selznick is a talented narrator and his great reading of the story is another thing that hooked me into the story right off the bat.

Then there's the fact that this book has super human characters with powers! I've always been an X-Men fan and this novel had the same stuff I love about a character dealing with their super powers. I loved that the main character wasn't a superman, but an angsty teen trying to get along and fit in who sees himself as a freak.

The other reason I probably loved this book so much is that it's a coming of age story. I love those. One that takes place in the 80s about a kid with super powers coming of age was just right up my alley. Great book. Really enjoyed it.

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