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Friday, December 2, 2016

Casino Royale by Ian Fleming | Book Review

This book surprised me. It was pretty good. I really liked the atmosphere and the adventure of it. There were a lot of scenes of eating. I didn't mind those but as I look back on the story I find it a little funny how many times the characters were sitting down to a fine meal with fancy drinks. 

Unlike the movies, you get to see a more personal side of Bond. He's still incredibly suave, cool, and collected, but he's much more of a character than he is in the films. I read this book by listening to the audiobook. It was narrated by Dan Stevens of Downton Abbey fame. His Bond voice was perfect, and he handled all of the different accents with ease. He was a great choice for this book. I hope he ends up narrating more audiobooks. 

For such a small book this novel had a lot of fun scenes full of great spying, gambling, car chases, and deadly encounters. If you're like me and you've never read a James Bond novel before, I'd say this is a great one to start with. It's short, it's entertaining, and it's the first one so it's an obvious choice.

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