My latest short story "The Night the Lights Came On"

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Free eBooks in January

To start off this new year, and since my birthday is this month, I thought I'd generate some coupons to make all of my eBooks that I've set a price on as free. Please find links to the eBooks, a brief synopsis, and their coupon codes below. Thanks, and enjoy!

My Last Day - Short Story
It's police Captain Matt Selznick's last day on the job, and he's going to make sure he ends his career on a high note. Rather than ending with a customary day at the desk, he goes out in the field impersonating a criminal transporter to pick up a bad guy and bring him in for questioning. Sounds simple right? If only it had been.
Coupon Code: GR68S

Helsa's Secrect Ingredient - Short Story
Helsa and Vairgar had always done well selling their stew outside the castle walls, but now they were going to need magic. Lately none had come to visit the castle, so they had not sold any stew in many days. They had to do something.
Coupon Code: KL59V

A Second Chance - Novelette
Jerry has problems. A few years ago his pregnant mother died. His Dad has reduced himself to a drunk. Dad gets violent when he drinks, which is all the time. Jerry decides to run away, but ends up destroying another family by taking all of his anger towards his dad out on a stranger. How will this all be reconciled?
Coupon Code: SL49K

The Last Butterscotch - Short Story
Henry Jr. and his family are excited about their newborn kittens, but when Henry goes into the barn to see them - he finds that there's an extra. It looks and weighs the same as another. Henry's mom is spooked. Where did this extra cat come from, and why does it act so strange?
Coupon Code: PU28W

Little Willie's Revenge Little Willie's Revenge - Short Story
This story is based on this "Little Willie" poem: Little Willie Feeling Mean Fed his sister paris green As she lay in agony Willie boy was full of glee. Willie's mother passed away and now his dad has remarried. Now Willie has a new sister. He hates her. How far will he go to show her how he feels?
Coupon Code: PY79B