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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

My poetry book "Explore: 107 Haikus" is finally published!

I'm still waiting on the proof copy of the paperback to come so I can review it before I publish the paperback version, but you can go and pick up the eBook version now! If you have Kindle Unlimited you can read it for FREE! I had a lot of fun writing this little book of haiku poems and I think readers will get a kick out of it too. I'm most excited about the paperback version as I think this kind of book lends itself more to that medium than an eBook, but I think the eBook version is still a great option. Many people prefer eBooks. For fiction I know I do. 

My new book at Amazon:

And look for the paperback version to be available soon.

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Writing Progress and Future Plans

Ever since I started down the road of training to become a pastor I mostly stopped writing. I have yet to write any new fiction, but I have been making progress lately on my book of Haikus. 

Here's the introduction to the book:

This is a book of 108 Haiku poems. Explore our world by guessing what each one is about. Haikus are poems made up of three lines, each with a specific number of syllables used. The pattern is five, seven, five. The first and third lines have five syllables, and the second line has seven. In this book I have divided the haikus into different topics. Each topic will have simple instructions on how to guess what the haikus are alluding to. Think of each haiku as a set of hints. This is a great book to read while traveling, either alone or out loud with a group. Everyone can join in on the guessing. Enjoy!

And the cover:

IN OTHER NEWS: I am toying with the idea of writing some new fiction for a brand new publishing avenue. Amazon is starting something called Kindle Vella. Click that link and you'll see their video on it. It will be a new platform where readers buy tokens and then spend those tokens on episodes of stories. You get the first few episodes for free, and then to read more episodes you use more tokens. I think I may start fleshing out an idea I've had for years about a boy who discovers he can fly and once the government finds that out he end up working for them to find and capture ancient and/or magical artifacts that they don't want the world to know about. I also have a couple other ideas I might try instead of that one, but the idea is a fun one. It would definitely be a different animal than tackling a novel if you did it right, making each short story it's own episode with a beginning, middle, and end. Seems exciting! That's it for now! Stay tuned for the release of "Explore" and possibly some serialized fiction. Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, March 29, 2021

Running Around Indian Trail | A Poem

For a casual day that won't make you burn and huff,

There are endless quiet neighborhoods lined with serpentine sidewalks.

If you've saved your jog for the later hours fear not,

The lights of all burn bright to illumine your sneakered steps.

If you're up for a war on your calves to reach the zenith,

Barnes road will go on and on deriding you to stop and walk.

The easy breezy way back down will be worth the sweaty mess you become,

And you'll soon find yourself dragging your feet back up to catch that view again.

If you can find the treasure at the end of the pristine paved lands,

There are trails to be found looping around under lines humming with power.

On rainy days they make a tickling fizz from the raindrops dying above,

And if you're lucky you just might spot a deer bouncing across your path.

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Two Penguins of Differing Opinions

There once was a happy little penguin who danced in celebration of a most joyous event. Another penguin looked on in derision, appalled at his lack of decorum. 

Doesn't this boisterous little partier know the proper ways of the penguin? the older penguin thought. Penguins are dignified. Doesn't he know this from our formal habiliment?