My latest short story "The Night the Lights Came On"


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Promo for Podcast.mp3
Episode 01 - Big Axe, Small Hands.mp3
Episode 02 - My Last Day.mp3
Episode 03 - Evil Takes Flight.mp3
Episode 04 - Little Willie's Revenge.mp3
Episode 05 - The Last Butterscotch.mp3
Episode 06 - A Second Chance | Pt. 1
(renamed Destruction Road)
Special Christmas Episode - All I Want for Christmas is a V.R. SuperCube.mp3
Episode 07 - A Second Chance | Pt. 2
(renamed Destruction Road)
Episode 08 - A Second Chance | Pt. 3
(renamed Destruction Road)
Every Photo Tells Ep. 57 - Helsa's Secret Ingredient.mp3
Every Photo Tells Ep. 62 - Fezdon's Mistake.mp3
Episode 09 - Bullets and Tears.mp3
Bonus Halloween Episode - The House Sitter.mp3
Episode 10 - The Day She Was Born.mp3
Bonus Episode - The Dream
(Flash Fan Fiction about Peter Pan & Hook)
Every Photo Tells Ep. 99Stuffed Monster.mp3
Episode 11 - ER3.mp3
Every Photo Tells Ep. 109Helium Heart.mp3
Episode 12 - Death of a Salesman's Boss.mp3
Episode 13 - The Staring Stranger.mp3
Every Photo Tells Ep. 142 - Cue Bull.mp3
Episode 14 A Dark Climb.mp3
Episode 15 The Forest Trail.mp3
Bonus Episode - Floating Down River
Written by Martin Spernau
Narrated by Dave Robison & I
Bonus Episode - Slug Teeth
Published by The Melting Potcast podcast
Narrated by Theo Kazmark
Episode 16 - The Night the Lights Came On.mp3

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