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Welcome to the Library. Scroll down to check out the books I have for sale. I've provided a description of each one with links so you can be whisked away to purchase them. Thank you for your patronage! If you're looking for my free short stories, and there are a ton of them, check out my FREE eBooks & Audiobooks page. You can also read all of my short stories for free at Wattpad, which has even more than you'll find available at eBook retailers! Happy reading and thanks for stopping by.

Sword and UrnPurchase Links:
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Sword and Urn:
A coming of age fantasy adventure novel. This book is a novella, or, short novel.

Drade is just a villager manning a merchant table with his father Aren until two mysterious swordsman come to town. They claim they are there to take Drade and every other young man with them in their caged wagon. After a brutal sword fight helped with a magic potion Drade journeys north to the farm of his grandparents to fulfill a promise. Along the way he meets some colorful characters. He helps some of them. Others help him on his quest to reach his grandparent's farm before the villains he fought get there first. There is no way he will be able to face them again without a lot of help.
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Destruction Road:
11,000 word Christian Suspense Novelette

Will has problems. A few years ago his pregnant mother died. His Dad has reduced himself to a drunk. Dad gets violent when he drinks, which is all the time. Will decides to run away, but ends up destroying another family by taking all of his anger towards his dad out on a stranger. Can this all be reconciled?

Dimensional AbscessesPurchase Links:
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Dimensional Abscesses:
An Anthology of Short Stories containing my story "The Realm of Fire" and many other awesome short stories by other authors.


Not all portals take you to nice places; sometimes they lead you to places you never expected. Even worse, you might end up somewhere you definitely didn't want to go...and you might never get home from. Dimensional Abscesses is a collection of ten stories that explore a few of these "bad" portals.

DanthologyPurchase Links:
Amazon Paperback

A Method to the Madness (A Guide to the Super Evil):
An Anthology of Short Stories containing my story "The Realm of Fire" and many other awesome short stories by other authors.


In an almost unprecedented move, a conclave of The Super Evil convened last year at a secret lair in North America to create a guide book for aspiring ne'er-do-wells. The result? A collection of papers known generally as A Method to the Madness: a Guide to the Super Evil, a collection destined to become the handbook globally of every evil genius.
The collection includes 24 papers presented by evil luminaries such as Her Serene Omnipotence Calassandra, Conqueror and Empress; Janus Kinase Hateyuaniwae, BFA, PhD, PhD, FRCCP, P.Eng; and Dr. Evil-n-Carnate, Frequent Flyer, Grocery Shopper and Overlord Of Cubical Block 3257J - to name but a few.
Between the 24 sages who assembled at the North American Conclave, they created insightful papers on the pressing subjects of Cognitive Perspective in the Pursuit of Evil; Principles of Biology and Genetics for Minion Breeding Programs; and, The Importance of Date Night to the Married Super Villain.

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