My latest short story "The Night the Lights Came On"


Dan Absalonson first started writing stories in elementary school, where he and a friend would skip lunch and recess once a month to eat in the library while hearing all about the new books on the shelves. His love for reading, as with visual art and music, has now extended into creating his own fiction. He works as a digital artist and lives in Washington state with his beautiful family of six. See some of his artwork here. A huge fan of audio books, Dan podcasts all of his stories for free. You can find those stories here, or subscribe to the podcast with a button on the right. You can also find many free and a couple cheap eBooks of his stories at all the popular online retailers through the link above. Dan loves podcasting his fiction, but is involved in a few other podcasts as well.

Dan's Podcasts:

1. Short Stories of Dan Dan The Art Man - Dan narrates all of his speculative fiction short stories in this podcast, as well as reading non-fiction guest posts he asked for from other writers about Book MemoriesMovie MemoriesVideo Game MemoriesTV Memories.

2. Dan Dan The Art Man's Book Reviews - I started reviewing all the books I read so I figured, why not make a podcast out of those reviews? Listen to me share what I thought about the books I've read. Download the Promo for this podcast.

The above two podcasts are in the same feed here, in iTunes, Feedburner, and new episodes of all my current podcasts can also be found on YouTube.

3. 6 Goals - Dan came up with 6 goals to help him get in shape and get more done. Hear him check in and report on how well he's doing achieving those weekly goals. They are: 6 miles run, 6 short work outs, 6 thousand words written, 6 chapters of the bible read, 6 water bottles consumed a day, 6 sketches drawn in his sketch book. This podcast is on hiatus.

4. Pen Fights Gamepad -  Dan and his co-host Donald Conrad talked video games, writing, movies, comic books, being dads and much more. This podcast is retired.

5. Fostering With Love - Dan and his wife Kadi used to be foster parents. Hear about their adventures caring for children who needed a loving home. This podcast is retired.
Dan Interviewed or a Guest on Other Podcasts:

01 - Guest Writer on "The Roundtable Podcast" with hosts Dave Robison, Brion Humphrey & guest author Dan Wells on August 7th, 2012
mp3 download

I came on the show and gave them my story idea for the novel "The Truth About Zombies" I'm currently writing. They all told me things they liked and things that could be better and by the end of the show I had a very different story that was so much more awesome. Thanks to this collaborative effort of work shopping my story idea I am very confident that this will be my best novel yet and the first one I will publish. I was honored to be on the show because it's one of my favorite podcasts, and because Dan Wells is one of my favorite authors. Plus the hosts Brion and Dave are not only fun to talk with but have a lot of great ideas and they're really good at sharing them to help you achieve literary gold.

02 - Interview on "Audio Tim" with host Tim Ward on April 19th, 2011
mp3 download

I joined the show again to discuss editing my novel, the conflict styles we observe in popular and classical fiction and one of my short stories.

03 - Interview on "PodioMedia Chat" with host Chris Moody on January 6th, 2011
mp3 download

I had a chat with Chris Moody on his awesome podcast Podio Media Chat. We talked about how I write, podcast, get ideas, and all kinds of other fun stuff. Go have a listen, and after you listen to my interview, you'll find that he's probably interviewed all of your favorite Podiobooks authors, so there's a lot of great content in his podcast.

04 - Interview on "Audio Tim" with host Tim Ward in January of 2011
mp3 download

Tim Ward, @timothycward on twitter, interviewed me on his writing podcast Though just getting off the ground, his podcast is great and I highly recommend it. I had listened to all of his episodes before being invited to go on the show; in fact I was invited to talk more about a comment I left him for one of his episodes. If you're a new writer, go check out the podcast. Tim is a great guy and I had a lot of fun talking with him about writing. During NaNoWriMo this year, he and I would often have word wars; posting our new word counts to brag that we had pulled ahead and egg each other on towards more and more words. So go have a listen to his podcast, leave comments, and maybe you'll be interviewed next!

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