My latest short story "The Night the Lights Came On"


Audio, Art, & Book Formatting

As you scroll down you will find audio to listen to and art to look at that I have produced. Let them serve as examples to help you decide if my talents match the vision you have for your work. Let's make something awesome!

I'm a trained digital artist with a BFA in Media Arts & Animation. I graduated with honors from the Art Institute of Seattle where I learned the tools of the trade. My full time gig is as a 3D artist / graphic designer / video & audio editor for a software company. I really enjoy my job. I'm a multimedia guy and I love creating digital art, audio, and video.

I'm also a lover of audio books and podcasting. I'm no trained actor but it was a profession I always dreamed about growing up, so you could say I'm a passionate hobbyist. Feel free to listen and judge for yourself if my talents would be a good match for your project. Below is a reading of non fiction and fiction. I sold my beautiful electric bass guitar and purchased a high end microphone so the quality of my audio would be top notch. It was bitter sweet but I've started podcasting a lot so in the end I was very happy with my decision.

I've also learned the art of formatting books for Kindle (eBooks on Amazon), CreateSpace (Paperbacks on Amazon, and Smashwords (publishes to dozens of eBook retailers like Barnes & Noble and Kobo).

I will format your standard eBook or paperback for a flat fee of $50. Because eBooks and Paperback books are formatted in a different way it will cost you $50 for each version. If it's a book with more complicated formatting like many non-fiction books have I charge $75 - $100 depending on the length of the book.

Audio Production 

CLICK HERE to go to my ACX profile to hear my samples & see my rates.
You can also listen to samples on my narrator website.

If you're looking to hire for voice over work other than audiobooks check out my profile at Voice123.

Here are some book covers and web graphics I've done for fellow authors. If you click on the image it will take you to where you can purchase the book, or view the website. Need a cover or some graphics work done? I'm cheap - do some research to find out for yourself. I've even been known to work out a trade for artwork. Are you good at finding typos? Do an editing pass on my current novel in exchange for a cover. I'd love to work on something for you, just message me on one of the social networking sites or send me an email. There are buttons to the various sites and my email on the upper right of the page. Also for your convenience I've listed them at the bottom of this page.

My Price Breakdown:
1) Cover with photo(s) supplied - $25
2) Cover with photos needed - $50
3) Cover with photo supplied + custom elements - $50 - $75
4) Cover with custom illustration or photo manipulation - $100
5) Cover with a lot of custom illustrations - $100-300 depending

All authors know the importance of having an eye-catching book cover. For my own book—my debut novel—I had a definite vision in mind; all I needed was a graphic artist to help me realize that vision. I did my research. Happily, I found Dan. I told him my ideas, provided some photographs I wanted incorporated into the cover image…and Dan went to work. He had a mock up of the cover completed in less than two days. Then it was a back and forth exchange, with both of us inputting ideas and making modifications. This was our method on the back cover design as well. Through it all, Dan never made me feel like I was a thorn in his side. He was always patient, supportive and enthusiastic. He was a true collaborator, wanting only what was best for the finished product. For me, as an indie author, having that kind of support is…pricelessJim Vines, Author of Luigi’s Chinese Delicatessen

Only the illustration below is by me.

To contact me:
Email : danabso[at]hotmail[dot]com