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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Christmas Cave
An Audiobook I Narrated & Produced is live!

I had the pleasure of narrating author David R. Beshear's audiobook The Christmas Cave. You can find it for sale at, in iTunes, and at Amazon. I'm very proud of this audiobook. A lot of what makes it great is of course the writing the author did that creates the story, but I had a blast figuring out all the different character's voices and personalities. There's an old woman, an old man, a few teenagers and two sets of parents. Not a huge cast, but sometimes I was very glad that I had made distinctions between narrating their voices so that the listener can easily tell who is talking. I think the story came out wonderfully in audio and is a really great listen. I'm expecting to get some promo codes soon for the audiobook from audible which will allow me to give copies away to people who will review it. Please send me a line and I'd be happy to send a promo code your way making the audiobook free with your Audible account. Head on over to the audiobook's page on Audible and listen to the sample. I hope it makes you click the buy button. Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

IT by Stephen King | Book Review

There was some great stuff in this book. Huge sections that were awesome. There was also a lot of disgusting stuff, and for me it was way too long. I listened to the audiobook and the narrator Steven Weber couldn't have done a better job. He was phenomenal. But even with amazing narration and some fantastic storytelling, the story at 45 hours was just too long. I picked this novel up because I heard it was kind of like King's novella "The Body." That's the one the movie Stand By Me is based on and it's easily one of my all-time favorite stories. While there is a group of kids who even have a clubhouse like in The Body. The story is much different though and even though there are a lot of things I like about it, overall I wish I would have spent 45 hours listening to a different book.

As usual King does a great job building characters you feel like you know. Each character is very different and has their own little traits you come to love. With all the time he took to tell this story he fleshes out a whole gang of kids and their enemies. Not only the characters as kids, but as adults too. The people they became, and then going back and forth between their story as kids unfolding and their story as adults going back to the place they were as kids. It was an epic tale, but it could have been so without being so epically long.

I was ready for it to be over long before it was over. Part of that might be because I don't like the darker books where king writes about child abuse and spousal abuse. I can only read so much of that stuff and this book had a bit too much of it for my liking. I was really cheering for the characters until near the end. When the gross scene describing what they did as kids happens. That's when I almost put the book down. Instead I skipped through it and finished the rest of the story. The end after that wasn't terrible. I liked the way the story closed out. You get to relive some of the fun things you remember from earlier in the book. "High Ho Silver! Away!" is what I'll say to hint at that. So in closing, were their great moments? Yes. Did King knock it out of the park building believable breathing characters? Yes that's what he's best at. But in the end the story was just too long and too dark for my liking. I know many other readers feel differently about this one, even claiming it as their favorite King book. The other book people claim to be King's best book is The Stand. I will have to read that one soon. For now I'm on to reading one of his newer novel's called Mr. Mercedes. I've really liked all of Kings recent books and so far I'm liking this one. IT is not one I'd recommend, but you don't have to take my word for it.

Have you read IT? Did you love it? Hate it? How about any other Stephen King books? Sound off in the comments section and thanks for stopping by.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Scavenger: A Sand Diver Tale by Timothy C. Ward
Book Review

This novelette felt right. It was in the world of Sand, a place I would never want to visit but came to love as I read Hugh Howey's novel Sand. Timothy does a great job of placing you right back in that world and introducing new characters to you. I liked his descriptive prose too. I noticed it right away at the beginning of the book and it set the mood and tone for the rest of the story. For the brief time you get to spend with them you learn a lot about them and he does a good job of fleshing them out. There are some very personal things you learn about the character and before a bunch of action similar to what you loved in Howey's Sand happens you'll know the motivations of the main character well. If you like Sand, and I don't know who wouldn't absolutely love that novel, then you'll like this story too. It's always fun to go back to a place you love from a book and revisit it and Timothy does a great job of bringing us back to that barren wasteland we've all come to love.

The eBook at Amazon for only 99¢!