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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Quarter Reads

A really cool online short story publisher accepted 3 of my short stories today! Quarter Reads is just as it sounds, one quarter will get you one story. For 25¢ you can read a short story. Pretty cool concept. So for just $5 you can purchase 20 short stories! I love this idea and think it's great in a day where we always have a device in our pocket. The next time you are waiting in line or find yourself with a little time to kill you can grab a story that's bound to be a quick read. They cap their word count off at 2,000 words. That's pretty short for a story length. I found 6 of my stories to match this length, with one that I had to edit down a bit. I'm excited to have my work in this new cool venue! I should have 3 more short stories available on the site soon. Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Dan Dan The Art Man's Book Reviews | Episode 18
The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

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In this 18th episode I review The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. Listen to hear why I feel it fell short compared to his previous books.

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Written by: Dan Brown
Narrated by: Richard Poe

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Crystal Night (The Prometheus Saga) by Charles A. Cornell
Book Review

This story was very interesting. I've read books that took place during World War II and this fictional take gave me the same feeling as those stories. You feel like you're there in Germany as you read. There is a general tension to the whole city the story takes place in. Before the end of the story you see German brutality against Jewiah people. This story handles this famous historical time well. You can tell the author did their research. 

This story is about a probe that aliens constructed and sent to earth to study it. This being is like a human to everyone who interacts with it, but somehow a bit more. It was fun to read a story that took place in a historic setting with a splash of science fiction brought on by the main character. It felt very much like reading a historical story but had the added fun of this alien being interacting with people like Nazis. The author does a good job of putting in subtle ways that show the being is more than human. The reader can guess at the alien's amazing abilities but the other characters in the story assume it's because the being is just a very talented and proficient human with a great memory and education. 

I really enjoyed reading this short story that drops you into Berlin Germany during the terrifying time of the Third Reich. It was very respectful and realistic to the history it was taking place in while offering up a fun science fiction element to explore this dark time in our past. It was well written and had some nice imagery. 

The author also did a good job establishing the different settings. I could picture all of the scenes in this story really well. I'm interested to see what else this author Charles A. Cornell has written. 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Light Beyond the Window

I've been trying to find an image to inspire a new short story for the past few days. I've found that some of my best short stories come from the photo story prompts over at So I set out to find an image that would inspire a story and I think I've found one. I whipped up a cover with it. Now to write the story. I have a few ideas in mind. We'll see where it takes me. It's been a while since I've written a short story. I'm excited to see what I can come up with. You'll be sure to see links to it as a free Ebook and as an audio version through my podcast. Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

On Both Sides (The Prometheus Saga) by Bria Burton
Book Review

Historical fiction meets science fiction in this delightful story about an alien finding its way through America during the American Revolution as a shape shifting being able to take multiple roles from different sides to gather information on our human existence. We also meet a couple of young brothers who end up at war and find themselves interacting with this alien as different people unknowing it is the same being. It was fun as the reader to be in on the joke as I read along seeing the alien interact with different people. Don't think that this is a spoiler because as you read the story it is made known well before it becomes a surprise to the characters. You are in on the secret the whole time as the reader. This is not a big reveal that has now been spoiled for you. Think of it as something to look forward to as you read this story. You're on the inside and all of the characters are not which was a fun dynamic.

I found myself chuckling throughout this story. There is some fun wit written into its prose. Though this story is short it covers a great span of time and throughout there are crafty epistolary sections. Reading the correspondence of letters between a woman of the era and the alien who keeps becoming someone else was fun. Their personalities are so different and you only get to read the letters written by the woman so filling in the blanks of what the alien's letter must have said was like a little puzzle that made me smile.

The story is not anything like the science fiction I usually read which is why I'm glad I read it. It kind of reminded me of Downton Abbey and The Patriot but with a splash of science fiction to change the flavor. The flavor is changed only in a subtle way and the reliance of the reader knowing the shapeshifter is an alien sent to gather intelligence on the human race made me read with a sharper eye. If you pay attention there are a lot of fun subtle clues that lead you to know just who the alien is though its appearance would cause you to think otherwise. Seeing how the other characters react upon meeting this creature was a lot of the fun of this story.