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Monday, May 17, 2010

My New Twitter Hashtag #FeedbackFriday

I'm trying to start a new #hashtag on Twitter, to get more people to leave podcasters feedback on their work. It looks like @rosewillscharms beat me to the punch in starting this hashtag, (and strangely used it for the first time the same day I came up with it) but I'm going to try and make it popular and help it be used for a specific purpose in the podisphere community. It's a lot like the hashtag #FollowFriday, and can easily go in conjunction with it. I call it #FeedbackFriday. All you do, is go and find the webpage for a podcast episode you enjoyed, and leave the podcaster a comment. Then tweet something like this
I left my feedback for @PatrickEMcLean here: Now you go and do the same. #FeedbackFriday
Don't forget to put the #FeedbackFriday hash tag in your tweet, and you're set. I hope you all start to leave feedback for all the comment and feedback craving creators out there, I know I'd love some :)


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