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Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Teacher is a Zombie | eBook Cover

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I had a blast making this cover. It's part 3D, part photo manipulation, part digital painting. I constructed and rendered out the background and chair in 3D, then spiced up the apple with a photo of one blurred out. Adding the text was a fun challenge and proved to need the help of a few filters and some distortion to make it in the same perspective as the chalk board. After I added all the things J.R. had asked for I thought it was looking pretty good, but it still needed a little something more. That's when I decided to put a piece of chalk on the chalk board rail. I did so and thought it helped, but it still needed a little more - so I painted blood on it. Once I did that, I loved it and thought I was done. I put J.R. Murdock at the bottom in white, but it was hard to read so I tried it in black as well and sent them both off to the author letting him know I wasn't sure about the text of his name. He suggested red and once I made that change I knew we had an awesome cover. Do you need cover work done for your book or short story? I need editors! I'll trade you. Just message me on a social media site or send me an email (buttons to sites & email on the upper right of website). Thanks for stopping by my site and come on back tomorrow for a "TV Memories" guest blog post by the indefatigable Justin Macumber.

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