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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lessons of the Gun by Scott Roche
Read the First Half Free!

My friend Scott Roche is always trying new things. That's why he's so cool, okay there are many other reasons, but it is one thing I admire about him as a writer. For example his 52 Weeks of Indie, where he is giving away one indie published book a week for 52 weeks. What a cool way to raise awareness for awesome indie books! Now let me tell you about his latest story "The Lessons of the Gun." 
It’s an alternative history western that blends gun fights with philosophy. What if marshals and rangers were part of a belief system that treated the Colt .45 like samurai treated their katana?
He goes on to describe the story a bit more, but that's all I need to read. I'm in! That sounds awesome! So not only is his story something new, but he's trying something new in regards to publishing it. He's giving away the first half of the story for free, then offering the last half for a super low price on his website. You can also choose to buy the complete story as an eBook when it hits the digital shelves, but this way you can read much more than a sample would provide you and see if it's something you want to invest a few coins in to read the rest. Pretty cool idea. Here is how you get it:
I’m making a PDF of part one available to you for free. If you decide it’s worth it hit the PayPal button and when the finished e-book comes out you’ll get it for free. Like it, but not enough to pay right now? The e-book will be coming out soon, but given the length I envision I will probably be charging at least another buck or so.  
Link to the free first half: Get it here!
Here is Scott's blog post on this subject. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy Scott's cool story!