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Monday, December 3, 2012

Huge Word Count Days Remembered

So NaNoWriMo is over. I wanted to ask all the writers in the crowd - what was your biggest day? By that I mean, what is the highest amount of words you wrote in one day? I can remember mine very well, like it happened yesterday. It was during my very first NaNoWriMo while writing my second novel four years ago. I can't remember the exact number, but I do remember one day writing over six thousand words in one sitting minus a bathroom break or two. It wasn't a Lowell, 10K in one day named after my favorite author Nathan Lowell, but it was thrilling! I was excited about it into the next day. I wanted to do it again. Pumping out the story like that, getting so much of it down felt so good. I can't wait to have the opportunity to do it again someday. I wasn't in a log cabin in the woods, but a cold unfinished room in the basement of our first house. It's the same room I finished my first novel in - a month or two before doing that first NaNoWriMo. I was writing it on my old college PC machine with the super old grey keyboard. I wrote it all in notepad because I loved the simple user interface. No squiggly lines telling me about incorrect spelling or grammar, just getting those words on the screen with no distractions. It was fantastic. So use those well practiced post NaNo fingers and write your highest word count memories in the comments below and let's all share in the glow of huge word count days as we look forwards to the upcoming holidays and sit back and rest a bit after cranking out the words in November. While I didn't get many words down this year, I clearly remember the excitement of those high word count days in years past and I'd love to hear about yours. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I don't recall the daily word counts, but I do recall the book I wrote.
    It was in 1999. I had finished (finally) writing Of Gnomes and Dwarves Book 1 after 10 years of fighting and editing, and editing, and revising, and rewriting, etc. I had the plot outline for book 2. I had written it as a comic book script (just like book 1) and I was bond and determined to write book 2 better than book 1.
    I was at a training class for the week. I drove up on Sunday afternoon and had all night to just sit in a hotel room. I wrote all night until around midnight.
    I was used to getting up at 5am so I was up, showered and ready to go to class around 5:30am. The class didn't start until 9am and was less than 5 minutes away. I wrote until 8:30am, went to my class with my laptop (didn't want to leave that in the classroom). I wrote during my lunch hour which was normally a lunch hour and a half. A 4pm we called it a day each day. I'd have dinner and write some more. Call the wife, and write until midnight.
    I did this the entire week and being that I'd already written the book as a heavily detailed outline, the words flowed from my fingertips.
    On Friday morning I finished off book 2 around 61,000 words.
    I don't know how I managed it and I've never had a repeat performance. But yeah, it's an awesome feeling when you truly get into flow and the words actually write themselves. It's like you have no control anymore and you just watch as things happen.

    1. Wow Jay! That is so awesome! That would have been like a writers high afterwards. I'm really excited to read Of Gnomes and Dwarves someday. Thanks for the comments! I'm so glad you shared that awesome story.

  2. Hey Dan,

    I had a number of productive days this year. I had a 3k and 3.5k(I think)

    On the final day of NaNo I managed to break 7k by midnight, when I started the day I would have needed a Standard Lowell to win. But I'm still really proud of that 7k :)

    1. Laith, that's amazing! I hope to have a 7K day someday! I bet that was a rush. You should be very proud! Thanks for your awesome comment!