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Friday, February 14, 2014

Music, Writing, and Inspiration

Music used to be a big part of my life. It was THE creative passion of my life much like writing and audiobooks seem to be now. I listen to audiobooks so much now that it doesn't leave much time for music, but every once in a while I'll just spend my entire hour commute to work with some music cranked, belting it out along with the band. I used to play in rock bands, punk rock in high school and heavy metal after college. I gave that all up once I got married so I could spend all my time with my wife and now family. I figured I'd shift my creative output from hours of band practice and playing shows to quiet hours I could snatch here and there typing away at a keyboard. A transition from the loud and assaulting sounds of cranked electric guitars screaming from half stacks to the calm clacking of keys under soft fingertips. I really miss playing music, but I'm having a blast writing and narrating audiobooks now and there will always be music. Someday, especially now that I have a great microphone for it, I want to record an acoustic album of songs I've written. You can hear a few crappy recordings of them on my Myspace page.

Anyways, all that said I originally just wanted to post a video of my favorite band Thrice playing a live show because they are so good. I got an iTunes gift card and used it to buy their last album Major/Minor, recently they ended their career as a band but the singer Dustin Kensrue is still making music. Check out his latest single:

Pretty amazing music if you ask me. It inspires me to make my own music the way reading a great book or listening to an amazing audiobook inspires me to want to write and record. So be inspired! Thanks for stopping by.

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