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Monday, June 30, 2014

Thoughts on Sanderson's The Way of Kings

This is me with Brandon Sanderson. He's one of my favorite authors. He mostly writes epic fantasy. His books are awesome. Today I will finish his novel The Way of Kings. It's the one he's holding in the picture. Look at that thing!It's a real door stopper at over 1,000 pages. I have the signed copy on my bookshelf. It's the first in what will be a massively long epic fantasy series called The Stormlight Archive. The next blog post you see on this site will be a review of his book. It will be an interesting review because I both loved and hated this book. Every book I've read by Brandon has been an instant favorite. The Way of Kings, however, was grueling for me to get through. I did not enjoy the first 75% of the book, and at 1,000 plus pages, or 45 1/2 hours of audiobook, that's a lot of book to get through when you're not digging it. It was just plain boring. That said the last quarter of the book has been amazing, riveting, and easily some of the best and coolest stuff I've ever read. I've heard the next book in the series, Words of Radiance, is amazing and doesn't have a bunch of the boring stuff the first book had while it was setting everything up. I realize that this first book had to set up what may be one of the longest biggest fantasy series ever written, but that doesn't mean it had to be boring. My two biggest problems were not caring about the characters until about 3/4 of the way through, and reading scene after scene where nothing is happening. I have had the same problem with The Wheel of Time fantasy series that Brandon finished for late author Robert Jordan. Talking heads scenes where the characters aren't doing anything and you have to really work to get through the chapters. Then you finally get to a chapter where something is happening and it's the coolest stuff you've ever read. That's been this book for me. Many of my friends were never bored by this book and loved every minute of it. More in my upcoming review. Now to finish the book. 

Have you read any of Brandon Sanderson's books? What about The Way of Kings? Did you love it? Did it bore you? Did every page make you yearn for the next one? Leave your thoughts in the comments.Thanks for stopping by!

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