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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Reading Habits

Between audiobooks, podcast novels, paperbacks and eBooks I'm currently reading a lot of books. I've always been like this. I usually have one or two main books I'm reading and then a few others I dip into every once in a while. Sometimes I'll open the Kindle app on my iPhone and read there. When I'm commuting I listen to audiobooks and podcast novels. At one of my jobs we have downtime and so I have a few paperbacks in my locker. You can always see what I'm currently reading by being my friend on Goodreads. I love using it to track what I'm reading, rate and review books, and see what others are reading.

How do you read? What's your preferred method? When? Where? What form?

My favorite way to read is by listening to an audiobook, but reading eBooks on my phone comes in at a close second. I love physical books. The way they look on my shelves, the way they smell - but honestly they feel very heavy and clunky in my hands now. I often read in bed lying down and a big fat fantasy novel makes my arms tired! My phone is very light and it's much easier to turn the page with one hand by giving the screen a tiny little tap. I love reading on my phone.

How about you? Thanks for stopping by!

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