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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Day 6 of Writing Every Day In March

Yesterday I wrote a little over 500 words. I wrote on my phone on my commute using speech to text. I would have been able to write a lot more but the weather on the freeway was pretty sketchy with fresh snow. I was driving through slush so I chose to just focus on driving until I got off the freeway onto dry roads in my home town where the weather was much better.

I finished the 24th chapter though, so I'm still on track to finish the novel this month! I just have to complete a chapter every day. I shoot for 1,000 words but they usually end up being around 12,000 or even a little more sometimes. The manuscript is at 27,574 words with 24 chapters complete. At this rate the finished manuscript will be around 57,500 words. That will be a nice length. I outlined and planned for it to be about 50,000 words with 50, 1,000 word, chapters. Some of those will probably get shortened, but most chapters are turning out to be around 12,000 words so it's increasing the length of my book, which I'm totally okay with! It's still going to be a fun quick read.

As far as I'm concerned I still have a lot to learn so my plan is to write a whole bunch of short novels in several different genres. That way I can see if a particular genre or story grabs me and maybe from there I can start a series, but for now I just want to keep cranking out fun short adventure novels in lots of different genres and see if any of them find an audience.

There is one book I've written that I know is the first of many in a series. It's called The Case of the Missing Snowman and it will be the first in my Barnabas Thackeray Mysteries series. I'm still working on finishing the illustrations for that book but the writing is complete on it. Maybe I'll start the second one in the series after I finish this book. Or one of the other 50 ideas I have for books :) I seriously have a document with 52 book ideas at the moment. It's always growing too.

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