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Friday, August 11, 2017

I'm Gone on Another Hiking Trip!

I'll be gone for a week hiking with my family and our friends around the state of Oregon. I'm hoping in the quiet hours of the night as our kids sleep and we rest our weary feet I'll crank out revisions on several more chapters of my latest novel "Haunted House Flipper." I need to get moving on getting that first draft cleaned up for beta readers if I'm going to release it in October before Halloween! You can become a beta reader right now and read along as I post revised chapters at Wattpad. I'll be sure to thank you in the acknowledgements of the book when it's published in paperback and eBook! Feedback would be much appreciated. You can just leave it in the comments at Wattpad.

As far as our hike, we've had to change our plans a bit thanks to a bunch of fires and heavy smoke in the area. We were super excited to hike Crater Lake, but the smoke in that area is really bad right now so my brilliant wife found another great hike for us to do. If you want to see some gorgeous photos from our hikes of nature, rivers, and waterfalls just follow me on instagram. Check out my kids perched on a rock right above a waterfall before it drops down!

Last year my wife planned our first ever week long hiking trip and those days are some of our best family memories ever. I got some amazing photos and man did we have fun hiking to waterfalls and alongside rivers. This year will be cool because another family is coming with us. They've joined us on a lot of hikes this year and they're awesome traveling friends. So I'll see you in a week! Until then follow our journey on Instagram. I've posted a widget below to show some of the photos right here in this blog post:

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