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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Landing by Donald Conrad | Book Review

You are thrust into a very desperate situation in this thrilling little sci-fi adventure. The pace worked really well and made me want to keep reading. Nothing is easy for the character and this intense struggle makes for an intriguing read.

This short story is written in first person present tense. You don't see that in most fiction and it makes for an interesting read. I think it works well to give the story an even greater sense of urgency then the situations present on their own. It helps you feel like you are right there with the character in his perilous situation.

The entire story isn't just a gut wrenching race, however. There was some great description that also added to the feeling that you were right there with the character. Just little moments where something is described with just enough detail to pull you further into the story. The author Donald Conrad did a good job of imagining himself in his story and then describing the things he saw in his mind that the character was going through. I look forward to more stories from this author. 

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